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Седло Impact Naomi. Черный

Седло Impact Naomi. Черный

  • артикул: 491
  • бренд: Impact
  • вес: 0.715 кг.
ЦЕНА: 4150 руб. 3390 РУБ. НА СКЛАДЕ


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Новинка от Impact!
В этой генерации Naomi изменилось практически все.

This saddle is targeted at the trials & street rider and is a massive upgrade in the design of trials saddles.

The saddle comes with a grey base; this means that is made from super tough glass filled nylon 6.6. This makes it one of the stiffest and toughest saddles on the market. The base uses dome headed allan bolts to secure the handle, bumper and seatpost to it, so protecting your hands.

It is compatible with almost all other available saddle parts. This means that if you prefer the feel of a longer saddle handle we have one available or you can even the classic Kris Holm handles. The saddle cover is also double stitched everywhere and is completely made from vinyl for extra strength, like the Kris Holm Fusion One saddles.

The saddle is flatter and smoother to grip with a soft curved top foam; so, everything you touch is smooth and nice. Although the front handle is shorter that older designs, it has a wider grip area for greater control. It is also integration in to the base so offering you better grip areas along the front and sides. All this helps where you are pushing the boundaries.

Прекрасное седло для триала, стрита, флэта.
Очень легкое и тонкое седло со съемным чехлом из прочного винила!



цвет: черный
инструмент для монтажа: шестигранный ключ 4 мм
Подходит для стандартных подседельных штырей
Усиленная передняя ручка
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